Your EDD Bookings Account

Your EDD Bookings account is created upon purchasing the EDD Bookings add-on.

From here, you can review your purchase history and subscriptions, download the plugin, manage your license keys, edit your account details and contact our support team. 

The URL of your account will always be:

The username of the account will always be the email address used on the checkout page during purchase.

The password is set by you. Upon purchase, we send you an email to set your password. 

IMPORTANT: Please store your username and password somewhere safe, both for security reasons and to be able to easily find them should you need to log back into your account at any time.

Account Details

Your personal details are kept safe and secure and are not shared publicly or with any third parties.

This area is where you will be able to modify your personal details, including name, email address, password and more.

Purchase History

The Purchase History tab is where you can review your purchases from the EDD Bookings website. 

This will include payment date, amount paid, payment method and much more.

License Keys

This is the area where you can find your license keys for every purchase and where you can monitor what WordPress sites your license keys are activated on.

You are able to both activate and deactivate a license from any domain through this area.

For example, if you are moving your site from one domain to another, and you no longer have access to the old domain where a license was previously activated, you can deactivate the license from that domain from here and activate it on the new one.


From here, you can monitor your active and inactive subscriptions for EDD Bookings.

A subscription is what controls your license's automatic renewals. Subscription work by automatically renewing your license at the end of the one year period that a license is valid for. This takes the hassle out of having to remember when and where to renew your license.

It will use the same billing details as the ones used on the initial purchase. If these change over time, or if you want to cancel the automatic renewal of a particular license, please contact our support team as explained below.